Mirror Image

A hunger for knowledge is a great attribute for one to have. People spend into the hundreds of thousands on school, simply to gain knowledge. The funny thing is, this gives them a sense of purpose or pride. To know more than the next man, seems to be enough for someone to feel accomplished. Now if I, may ask when was the last time you went out just alone by yourself to eat your favorite food, or go to your favorite place just to relax? See most of us spend our whole life putting on and taking off a mask. You have the mask of a child first, and from there you add more. For example, you get all grown up and some of you start wearing the mask of a parent. Then you have the one that you put on for your friends, which tends to be even more revealing than the mask some show their spouse. Oh and lets not forget you guys whom have everything that anybody else could wish for, but you are somehow unhappy. Maybe it is because they chose to take a career that somebody else pushed them into. So they are wearing the mask of success but their true self is miserable. If you took off all of your masks, how would you see yourself? The mask can fool everyone else, but the one person it can't get over on is the image we see in the mirror.


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