Solo Ride

You can't be afraid to be alone. This is the biggest fear all of us have. Bigger than your fear of snakes, spiders, or even dying a horrible death. Why do we lie to ourselves and others when it comes to this subject? The simple truth is being by ourselves is the scariest place on planet earth. Yet we use tag lines: like #soloteam or #teamsingle. The thing that gets to me most about this is all of us are alone. No one believes in your dream like you do, and no one works towards your goals harder than you. How many people can you name that will lose sleep, investing time, or spend a dollar without you asking to invest in you. You hang with people at least once a week that spend on average 7 dollars a day on a habit. When you drop a product, how many fight to be first in line to have it? You may be working on something that needs input. Tell me, how long does it take for the person to get around to helping you? I promise you that I'm not trying to make you mad at everyone around you. No, I just want you to realize that what you fear the most is your reality. Now, the way you respond to this fear will show if you have the essential qualities needed to help you drive on this solo ride.


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