Question, how does your yard look right at this moment? Maybe this is irrelevant to you, but I promise it means a lot. Think about your favorite pair of shoes or most prized possession. You treat them with care, making sure they are handled correctly and cleaned properly. Now, back to your yard and not just your yard, but the sidewalk or the street in front of your yard. How do you treat it? Ownership causes people to have a different reaction to situations. One of the worst things that could have ever happened to the neighborhood is that we lost our ownership. No one is going to invest time, money, or effort into someone else's property. Honestly, you shouldn't; that doesn't make sense. Living in a house owned by the government or an investment firm doesn't mean you don't own property. If you look into older customs of our culture it's easy to find pride in what we owned. Some didn't have cars, and others rented apartments. The common wardrobe was hand me downs from older siblings or even close neighbors. So where did this commanding, potent, compelling pride come from? Or more important, what was it of? SELF...... The pride was of the temple no man can own self. They respected themselves so much inward that it shined outward. Their yards, curbs, homes, and even the streets they lived on reflected how they felt about the person they saw in the mirror. So I ask again, how does your yard look right at this moment?


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