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So, I've Have had this on my mind for some time now, and I think it's time to let it out. The at home studio to me, has destroyed what so many of my peers called their dream. Music at one time belonged to a group of talented people. Hard work and dedication was needed to be apart of this exclusive club. Now, a computer, mic and program can be found any and everywhere. Pushing out what they believe to be "songs" but are lacking one key ingredient..... SUBSTANCE. Think back to the artist that inspired you. Remember how some parts of their songs grabbed you right then and other parts you had to grow to truly understand. How about when you heard your parents music? The words meant something different to them and you, and it was the same song. That's the true definition of Writers taking time to put life into art. Now, we have artist after artist copy the trend, so we are flooded with 10 songs played on air that sound identical. The art form that I love has lost its power to transform unknown creators into global icons.

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